What field of study are you interested in?

Certified Dog Trainer

Do you love dogs? As an ABC Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT), you will possess the skills necessary to make a difference in the life of every dog that you work with. Graduation from this program affords you the ability to open your own dog training business or work for an established business as a professional dog trainer. ABC Certified Dog Trainers reap the benefits of a rewarding career that allows them to work either full- or part-time anywhere in North America. Learn about how to become a dog trainer.

Veterinary Assistant

The ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant program will train you for a fulfilling career in which you work in an animal hospital environment. Once you are an ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant (ABCVA), you can launch into a variety of exciting animal careers. Aside from becoming a veterinary assistant, with this certification you could become a pet care specialist, kennel worker, doggie daycare operator, animal shelter attendant or a professional in practically any animal-care setting.

Certified Pet Groomer

A professional pet grooming career affords animal enthusiasts a creative and artistic profession that is also fulfilling as it contributes to the overall health and well-being of a variety of animals. This course comes complete with over 24 essential grooming tools that will help launch graduates into a successful grooming career. The ABC Certified Professional Groomer (ABCPG) can work in a grooming salon, mobile grooming enterprise, animal shelter, veterinary office, or even start their own grooming business.

Our uniquely formatted programs combine in-home study with a hands-on externship taught by working industry professionals. This course structure gives ABC students the flexibility to study at their own pace while tailoring their education around their individual schedules.


Continuing Education Programs (CEP)

Learning doesn’t stop once you become ABC Certified! To ensure the educational advancement of the ABC student body, the following continuing education programs (CEP) are offered.


Training Shelter Dogs

This program was designed to educate trainers on how to specifically work with homeless dogs. It was created in response to the vast number of ABC graduates wishing to make a greater impact in the lives of shelter dogs. In this CEP, topics will range from dealing with behavior problems common to shelter dogs, building relationships with individual shelters, understanding facility protocols and how dog trainers can assist in the adoption process.


Teaching Private Lessons

As an ABC Certified Trainer, the ability to offer private lessons is an asset to your career. This CEP will provide knowledge and strategies to build and maintain a private lesson practice that maximizes your success. It also details different aspects of teaching private lessons; including client management, developing effective training plans, marketing, and tailoring private lesson programs to suit clients.


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Completion of this course enables you to provide a new and highly sought after service to the animal owning public. Topics range from identifying and understanding body language, canine, feline and avian behavior, basic nutrition and hygiene, creating mental and physical stimulation, building relationships with your clients’ pets, personal and home owner safety, building clientele, and much more!


Cat Management and Training

This cutting-edge course will provide the education necessary to manage and treat cat behaviors. Since cats outnumber dogs in the United States, this unique program offers pet professionals a gateway into an extremely profitable career. Highlights of this course include learning the proper socialization techniques for developing healthy feline-to-human relationships, as well as, feline-to-feline and feline-to-canine interactions.  Make a difference while making a profit!


Animal Behavior College Provides You:

 • Specialized career training in the rapidly growing animal industry.

 • An extensive curriculum written by animal industry experts.

 • The convenience of an in-home study program with invaluable hands-on training.

 • Nationwide training locations in all 50 states, local to you!

 • Student-friendly financing with affordable payment arrangements.


Personal Program Manager

Although the first portion of the program features in-home study, you will not be alone. An ABC Program Manager will be appointed to you upon enrollment and they will be with you every step of the way! They will be there to guide you through the program, counsel you, answer all your questions, and grade all your exams.


Flexible Hours

By taking advantage of Animal Behavior College’s uniquely formatted programs, you can keep your present job while training for a new career. All programs provide flexibility to busy, working adults. It is essentially a classroom in your living room, which means no added expenses will be incurred for housing at a remote on-site location, and no time will be wasted by driving back and forth to a classroom every day.


Hands-on Training Leads to Career Opportunities!

Research shows that employers are interested in hiring applicants with practical training experience. ABC is the only school of its kind to offer this valuable hands-on component as part of each program. After students successfully complete the in-home study portion of their course, they are authorized to move on to their hands-on externship. ABC assigns students to work with professional dog trainers, veterinary clinics/hospitals, or professional groomers, depending on the animal career being pursued. Training locations are conveniently available in all 50 states and every Canadian Province, ABC has over 1,000 locations throughout North America! Once there, students utilize the knowledge acquired during the home study and apply it to real-life, hands-on working situations. The externship is a priceless component of the ABC courses and will set you apart from the competition with future employers.


Great Job Placement Opportunities

Animal Behavior College offers continued support to students, well after graduation. All courses offer comprehensive, detailed business building and job placement information that is solely dedicated to helping students find a job or help them to start their own business.


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